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Our story...

it all started with a passion.

It all started in 2014,  when, in love with the formidable beauty of the Samoyed, I managed to acquire my first dog, HANNA, keeping company with a SRD dog and two cats that were already part of the family.  As soon as she got home I fell in love with the breed even more! The fur, which seemed to take work, did not cause me any fear day after day!

A short time later, still in 2014, I saw an advertisement for a litter of a person in Fortaleza/CE and, right away, I decided that I wanted to buy another one, having done that, and soon a male, beautiful, darn , called ARGOS! Little did I know that this little boy would bring me so much joy!  When I saw him, I was sure that I was passionate about the race and that I needed to dedicate myself in parallel to my profession as a Lawyer.


I decided to open a Kennel and become a professional. The indecision about the affix name  It was so big that I kept putting it off. I joined the Grande Cariri Kennel Club, kennel (notary body affiliated to CBKC)  responsible for the region of Cariri/CE, where I live and maintain the headquarters of the kennel.

In May 2015 I met a group called “Cães Cariri”, in the city of Crato, which among the people  was Mario Henrique, a boxer breeder for at least 17 years. Through him  I was introduced to the real world of Cynophilia – for some, a disease, for others, a PASSION! Without him I probably wouldn't be writing this text right now, starting the story of my beautiful work of creation!

It didn't take long for my puppy, ARGOS DKSS, at five months old, to move in with Mario Henrique, now my husband, and start participating in canine beauty shows. He debuted on the slopes in July 2015, at Expocrato, held annually in the city of Crato / CE and, soon, he already won his first title of Champion Puppy and ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th of BIS Filhote! Although I didn't understand much about exhibitions at that time, I was sure I wanted to learn and dedicate myself to that passion! ARGOS continued going to exhibitions during 2015, finishing as #3 best Samoyed in Brazil, by the DogShow ranking, and obtaining multi classification in the BIS Filhote and Jovem finals. Today (2016), ARGOS DKSS is the best samoyed in Brazil by the DogShow ranking and the second best samoyed in Brazil by the CBKC ranking (both in partial of 08.10.2016). He successfully obtained his titles of Brazilian Champion, Great Brazilian Champion, Panamerican Champion and Great Panamerican Champion.

Over time and tiring trips to exhibitions, I got to know breeders and studied. I was improving myself and with that my vision of what it means to be a creator was also changing. I was already fascinated by the breed and the dog world. With that I made a new purchase of dogs, aiming at improving genetic quality, better breed standard and renowned breeders.


At the beginning of 2016, decided on the name of the Kennel, I registered the affix with the Kennel of which I was already affiliated, being titled as Nordic's Kariri. With a lot of patience, we managed to arrive at the final art of the beautiful Logo, designed by a friend, all based on Nordic / Vinking symbology, with runes and protective talisman, theme of the origin of the race.  and awaited with much love.

So, little by little, I got to know new creators, now at an international level. In October of the same year,  I had the opportunity to acquire a puppy from one of the most prestigious kennels in the world and whose work I admire and follow, SAMSPRING, from breeder PEDRO SILVA, who gave me a male puppy, named SAMSPRING KRISPIE TREAT, son of the famous Ch Cabaka's Valiant of Gucci , Danish/Canadian/American ancestry, single  dog of this lineage to win CRUFTS, the most important exhibition in Europe,  and Ch Samspring Dakota , which I proudly picked up with my husband in Portugal, an opportunity in which we were able to get to know his brilliant work and participate in a dog show in Portuguese territory.


On the same trip, we took the opportunity to go to Russia, when we brought with us VINTA BERRY WITH  RUSSIAN LOVE , bred by ZABELINA LYUBOV, a very affectionate 8 month old girl, daughter of the current world champion of the breed in Russia/2016, Smiling Snowball Moon Walk (ROSCO), owned by Dombrovskaya Oksana. Probably VINTA BERRY is Rosco's only daughter in Brazil and, for sure, it's a show apart.

Work and learning are just beginning. We are in a moment of formation of the squad, of study, of structure, of travel, and of a lot of fatigue, always aiming at the improvement of the creational work and valuing the well-being of the dogs, which are raised as children, and the conservation of the standard. racial. I hope that our dedicated and beloved work will substantially contribute to racial development in the country. In the meantime, I'm having the pleasure of having these wonderful dogs by my side.



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